Bài giảng Marketing - Appendix A: Building an effective marketing plan

MARKETING PLANS AND BUSINESS PLANS MEANINGS, PURPOSES, AND AUDIENCES “New Ideas are a Dime a Dozen” Target Audience and Purpose Kind and Complexity of the Organization Industry Business Plan

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Copyright © 2015 McGraw-Hill Education. All rights reserved. No reproduction or distribution without the prior written consent of McGraw-Hill Education.MARKETING PLANS AND BUSINESS PLANSAppA-*MARKETING PLANS AND BUSINESS PLANSMEANINGS, PURPOSES, AND AUDIENCES“New Ideas are a Dime a Dozen”Target Audience and PurposeKind and Complexity of the OrganizationBusiness PlanIndustryAppA-*FIGURE A-1 Elements in typical marketing and business plans targeted at different audiencesAppA-*MARKETING PLANS AND BUSINESS PLANSQUESTIONS ASKED BY OUTSIDE AUDIENCESIs the Marketing/Business Idea Valid?Is the Idea Distinctive?Is There a Market for the Offering?Are the Financial Projections Realistic?Are the Key Personnel Capable?Will Investors Get Their Money Back?AppA-*MARKETING PLANS AND BUSINESS PLANSWRITING STYLE SUGGESTIONSUse a Direct, Professional StyleBe Positive and Specific; Avoid SuperlativesUse Numbers for ImpactUse Bullet PointsAppA-*MARKETING PLANS AND BUSINESS PLANSWRITING STYLE SUGGESTIONSUse A-Level and B-Level HeadingsUse Visuals—Photos, Illustrations, Graphs, and ChartsDevelop a Plan that is 15-20 PagesUse Care in Layout, Design, and PresentationAppA-*MARKETING PLAN OUTLINETable of ContentsCompany DescriptionExecutive SummaryStrategic Focus and PlanMissionGoalsCore Competency and Competitive Advantage Financial Non FinancialAppA-*MARKETING PLAN OUTLINESituational AnalysisSWOT AnalysisIndustry AnalysisCompetitor AnalysisCompany AnalysisCustomer AnalysisAppA-*MARKETING PLAN OUTLINEMarket-Product FocusMarketing and Product ObjectivesTarget MarketsPoints of DifferencePositioningAppA-*MARKETING PLAN OUTLINEMarketing ProgramProduct StrategyPrice StrategyPromotion StrategyPlace (Distribution) StrategyAppA-*MARKETING PLAN OUTLINEFinancial Data and ProjectionsPast Sales RevenuesFive-Year ProjectionsAppA-*MARKETING PLAN OUTLINEOrganizationEvaluationImplementation PlanAppendix A: Key Personnel BiographiesAppendix B: Detailed Financial ProjectionsAppA-*Business PlanA business plan is a road map for the entire organization for a specified future period of time, such as one year or five years.AppA-*
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