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1. [intransitive] to rest and allow yourself to become calm: thưgiãn Just sit down and try to relax for half an hour. 2. [transitive] to make rules, controls, conditions, etc. less strict: giảm nhẹ, buông lỏng We could relax the procedure slightly in your case. relaxation /,ri:lAk’seISn/ noun: 1.[count or uncount]: an activity or situation that makes it possible for you to rest and enjoy yourself: sựnghỉngơi, sựgiải trí Fishing is his favorite relaxation. 2.[uncount] the process of making rules, controls, conditions, etc. more relaxed: sự nới lỏng relaxation of: the relaxation of travel restrictions relaxed/rI’lAkst/ adjective a relaxed smile, a relaxed style of teaching relaxing /rI’lAksIN/ adjective a long relaxing bath

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