Bài dạy Medical Assisting - Chapter 8: Office Equipment and Supplies

Learning Outcomes 8.1 Identify common types of computers. 8.2 Describe computer hardware components and explain the functions of each. 8.3 Describe the types of software applications commonly used in the medical office. 8.4 Summarize options available for learning computer software programs. 8.5 Recall the steps involved in selecting new or upgrading existing office computer equipment.

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8Office Equipment and Supplies8.1 Identify common types of computers.8.2 Describe computer hardware components and explain the functions of each.8.3 Describe the types of software applications commonly used in the medical office. 8.4 Summarize options available for learning computer software programs.8.5 Recall the steps involved in selecting new or upgrading existing office computer equipment.Learning OutcomesLearning Outcomes (cont.)8.6 Outline the basic care and maintenance required for the office computer system. 8.7 Identify several reasons why security is particularly important in the computerized office.8.8 Recognize advances that are occurring with computers of the future.8.9 Explain the function of other types of administrative medical office equipment.8.10 Outline the steps to be taken in deciding whether new office equipment is neededLearning Outcomes (cont.)8.11 Explain the difference between a maintenance contract and a service contract.8.12 Define vital, periodic, and incidental supplies.8.13 Outline the steps in performing a supply inventory.8.14 List the items that should be considered when choosing a vendor for supply ordering.IntroductionOffice equipment and suppliesEvaluatePurchase / leaseOperateMaintain Inventory ComputersUnderstanding computer fundamentalsTypes SupercomputersMainframe computersMinicomputersPersonal computersComputers (cont.)PDAsCell phones InternetApply Your KnowledgeWhat is the difference between a network and a server?ANSWER: A network is a system of linked computers. A server is a centralized storage location for information shared by the network computers.Correct!What are three benefits of computers?ANSWER: Three benefits of computers are an increased processing speed, accuracy, and storage of a large amount of information.Components of the ComputerHardware – four functionsInputting dataProcessing dataStoring dataOutputting dataSoftware – two categoriesOperating systemApplication softwareHardwareInput DevicesBeware: Carpal Tunnel SyndromeMost common input deviceMain part resembles a typewriterKeyboardTransfer information Both input and output deviceModemConverts printed matter into a readable format for the computerScanner Used to enter information MouseTrackballTouch padTouch screen PointersHardware (cont.)MotherboardMain circuit boardControls the other components in the computerCentral processing unitMicroprocessorInterprets and executes programsBandwidthClock speedInstruction setHardware (cont.)Computer memoryRAMROMHard driveCD-ROMZip driveDVDHardware (cont.)MonitorDisplays active informationResolution – crispness of the imagePrinterProduces a hard copy of information Resolution – print qualityThe office manager has requested that you create a marketing brochure that will have a variety of text and graphics to advertise the medical office. Which storage device(s) will you use in addition to the hard drive, and why? ANSWER: A CD-ROM or jump drive would be good choices for this project. Both can store large amounts of data and graphics.Apply Your KnowledgeGood Choices!SoftwareSoftware – controls computer operationsApplications Programs Uses of software applicationsWord processing Accounting DatabaseSoftware (cont.)Optical Character Recognition (OCR)Using application softwareWord processing Database management Accounting and billingAppointment schedulingElectronic transactionsList the uses for application software that may be used in a medical office.Apply Your KnowledgeANSWER: Uses for application software used in a medical office include Word processing • Database management Accounting and billing • Appointments and scheduling Electronic transactions • Research Software Training ClassesVendorCommunity colleges or high schoolsTutorials – step-by-step instructionsTechnical Support Documentation Written instruction manualsOnline help Your office has begun using a new software program for scheduling appointments. You were on vacation when the training took place. What can you do to learn the program?Apply Your Knowledge ANSWER: Ask the office manager to request another class from the vendor if they provided the initial training. Ask the person in the office who provided training if it was done in house. Check the manual (paper or online). Check if there is a tutorial program available.Good Job!Selecting Computer EquipmentLearn about optionsUpgradingSelecting Software Adding a network Selecting Computer Equipment (cont.)LAN – local-area networkWAN – wide-area networkVPN – Virtual private networksChoosing a VendorReputableReasonable priceOffers trainingService and technical support availabilityWhat do you need to do when the office wants to upgrade its computer equipment?Apply Your KnowledgeANSWER: Learn about available hardware and software. Determine it is will be more cost effective to replace the entire computer system or if upgrading individual pieces will suffice. Consider software needs and if it would be advantageous to add a network to the system. Lastly, you need to select a reputable vendor.Good!Storage devicesJump driveCD-ROMsDisk cleanupDisk defragmentationSystem Unit – well ventilated locationMonitor – power down featurePrinterRemember not to eat or drink near the computerComputer System Care and MaintenanceApply Your KnowledgeTrue or False: You should use a power strip with a surge protector. Clean a CD-ROM by rubbing it in a circular motion. Disk clean-up organizes files. You should never eat or drink near a computer.FFTYou should never rub a CD-ROM in a circular motion.Disk defragmentation organizes files.TSecurity in the Computerized OfficeSafeguarding confidential filesPasswordsActivity monitoring systemsPreventing system contaminationAntivirus softwareFirewalls Computer Disaster Recovery PlanMinimize damage Retrieve informationProtect PHIConfidentialThe medical office computer has had several recent viruses that have interrupted the efficiency of office transactions for the past two weeks. What may be the most likely source of office system contaminations? Apply Your Knowledge ANSWER: Possible sources are from contaminated storage devices brought in by employees or from contaminated e-mails.Good Job!Computers of the FutureTelemedicineCD-R and DVD-R technologySpeech recognition technologyA local cardiology practice is seeking a way to monitor the heart rhythm of patients while they are at home. Which new technology will allow them to do this?Apply Your KnowledgeANSWER: Telemedicine will enable the physician to monitor the heart rhythm of patients while the patients are at home.Right!Administrative Medical Office EquipmentFacsimile (fax) machinesTypewritersPhotocopiersAdding machines and calculatorsAdministrative Medical Office Equipment (cont.)Folding and Inserting machinesPostage metersPostage scalesDictation-Transcription Equipment Convert spoken word to written formEliminates issues related to poor handwriting-Administrative Medical Office Equipment (cont.)Check writerPaper shreddersHow to shredWhen to shredvendorsMicrofilm and microfiche ReadersApply Your KnowledgeMatch the following: Photocopier Postage meter Adding machine Check writer Folding machine ShredderImprints name of payee & amount Used to destroy documentsApplies postageReproduces documentsPerforms calculationsPrepares large volumes of outgoing mailACBDEFPrepare RecommendationsContact SuppliersPurchasing Decisions For Office EquipmentEvaluate Warranty Options Evaluate Office NeedsLeasing Versus Buying EquipmentBuying - ownershipLeasing AdvantagesDisadvantagesApply Your KnowledgeA large medical practice requires several photocopy machines and faxes. Would it be better to lease or buy this equipment, and why? ANSWER: Leasing would most likely be the least expensive option, since the leasing company would be responsible for servicing the equipment. Large offices could save money and obtain up-to-date equipment with the leasing option.Maintaining Office EquipmentComes with each piece of equipment and describes operation and special featuresEquipment ManualMaintenance and Service ContractsMaintenance contracts specify when equipment will be cleaned and repairedService contracts cover services not included in standard maintenance contract Maintaining Office Equipment (cont.)StepsEliminate possible simple causesTest machine and record any error messagesConsult the equipment manualCall manufacturer or place purchasedStepsEliminate possible simple causesTest machine and record any error messagesConsult the equipment manualCall manufacturer or place purchasedBackup SystemsTelephones Cell phones Electricity Emergency generatorBattery power Security and warning systemsFire extinguishers Service and replace yearlyEquipment Inventory Method of documenting and tracking equipment purchasesUpdate periodicallyThe medical office has just opened, and the medical assistant needs to make photocopies of two patient records, but the photocopy machine is not working. What should the medical assistant do? Apply Your KnowledgeANSWER: The medical assistant should start with the first step for troubleshooting an equipment problem, which is to eliminate possible simple causes. In this case, make sure that the machine is plugged in and turned on, and make sure the “power saver” is not activated. Maintaining Medical Office SuppliesEfficientlySupplies – expendable itemsResponsibilityAdministrativeClinicalGeneral Stationary Insurance forms Pens Clipboards Alcohol swabs Disposable sheaths Tongue depressors Tissue Paper towels Hypoallergenic soapCategorizing SuppliesA supply list can help track and categorize supplies according to need and urgencyIncidentalSuppliesVital SuppliesPeriodicSuppliesCategorizing Supplies (cont.)Exam table paper, prescription padsStaples, rubber bandsAppointment books, holiday cardsStoring SuppliesLocation Off floor18 inches from ceilingCabinetsLabel shelvesRotate stockStoring Supplies (cont.)Administrative SuppliesClinical supplies Keep area clean Protect from damage and exposureWhat should you do when placing new items in a storage cabinet?Apply Your KnowledgeANSWER: When placing new items in a storage cabinet, you should check the expiration dates and rotate older items to the front to be used first.Impressive!Taking a Supply InventoryResponsibilitiesTracking supplies bought and usedCalculating the budget for suppliesSelecting supplies and vendorsFollowing purchasing and payment proceduresStoring items properlyInventory filing systemInventory card or record pageReorder reminder cardsInventory reminder kitsTaking a Supply Inventory (cont.)Taking a Supply Inventory (cont.)Establish regular inventory and ordering timesWhen to order earlyUnanticipated shortage of a supply itemApply Your Knowledge What is necessary to keep an accurate inventory? ANSWER: To keep an accurate inventory you mustPlan carefullyPay attention to detailHave basic math skillsGood Answer!Ordering SuppliesDetermine budgetCompare vendors for:Use reputable vendorsGet the best pricePricesQualityServicePayment policiesAverage is 4–6% of annual grossCompetitive Pricing and QualityUnit pricingRush ordersMail-order companiesPurchasing groupsGroup buying poolsCost controls$$$Ordering Supplies (cont.)Using Local Vendors Personal assistancePublic relations benefit Keeps business in the communityPayment Schedules Affects the cost of supplies Invoice describes payment termsOrdering ProceduresOrder formsPurchase requisitions Purchase orderChecking received ordersOrdering Procedures (cont.)MSDSChemical breakdownSafety cautionsHow to use a productHow to handle an unintended exposure or potentially dangerous reactionOrdering Procedures (cont.)Correcting ordersInvoicesDisbursementsAvoiding Common Purchasing MistakesDishonest telephone solicitors“Bait and switch” tacticVerify pricesSupervise sales representativesApply Your Knowledge Why is it important for a medical office to have an inventory and ordering schedule? ANSWER: Regularly scheduled inventory and order days help all staff know when to have requests submitted; this reduces the need for rush orders. In Summary8.1 Common types of computers. 8.2 Computer hardware and software components.8.3 Software applications commonly used in the medical office include operating system and application software. 8.4 Options available for learning computer software programs. 8.5 Learn as much as you can about the hardware and software being considered. Consider the office needs now and in the future.In Summary (cont.)8.6 The basic care and maintenance for the office computer system.8.7 Safeguard confidential files, make backup copies on a regular basis, and prevent system contamination.8.8 Telemedicine, CD-R and DVD-R technology, and speech recognition technology are three examples of new computer technologies.8.9 Administrative medical office equipment. In Summary (cont.)8.10 Evaluate the equipment needs of the office to determine if new equipment is needed. 8.11 A maintenance contract versus a service contract.8.12 Vital, incidental, and periodic supplies.8.13 Review Procedure 8-6 for an outline on performing a supply inventory. 8.14 Choosing a vendor for supply ordering.End of Chapter 8
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