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Good morning everybody! I am….It is a pleasure to be talk with you today. We are here today to review about computer game with our heath.

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A.Introdution Good morning everybody! I am….It is a pleasure to be talk with you today. We are here today to review about computer game with our heath. All things that are doing excessively, tended to give the negative effect than positive. This principle is valid for every normal activities. One of it is play games. If being too long, play games could reduce the physical condition, and resulting in saturation bouncing. A simple research mentioned that playing games more than 2 hours will results in eyes tired. You can prove it and you must be had felt it. Nevertheless, the tired eyes sometimes could not stifle your wish to continue playing. There are many influences from playing games too long, that could result in bad to your health. Therefore I will give some examples about games side-effect for the body. In this way, you will know the risks that you will be dealt with, and then try to anticipate it. I hope through this article, you could more good in managing your time. And continue to keep up the good stamina, although while playing games. My presentation will be in three parts. Firstly I am going to look at The impact for the body. Then I am going to talk to you about The illness caused by game. Finally, I am going to Tips maintaining the health. The presentation will probably take around 10 minutes. There will be the time for questions at the end of my talk. B.Body I.The impact for the body 1. Skin and hair Play games, as “in the house activity”, makes your body don’t get much sun rays. Whereas the morning sun rays, contains very good benefit for the body. For example for skin and hair. The morning sun rays contains many vitamins that could improve the health and refresh the body. Different if the afternoon sun rays, it just will burn your skin. Therefore, it will be good if in the morning, before touching your games, you sunbathe first to fresher your body. And if want to more fresh, don’t forget to play sport and bathe. 2. Eyes The radiation influences from the monitor, could tire the eyes. Moreover if being increased by the light effect that displayed in a game. In one scene, it may hundreds of lights effects could happen. This could usually cause the queasy stomach if we continuing to intrusive the eyes to seeing to the TV screen or the monitor. And with lack of enlightenment in the room, this is bad. Although the appearance of special-effect in the game was clearer, but it will made the eyes became more fast tired. Moreover, how could you read the walktrough in the dark room? Therefore, you must keep up the distance from the TV / monitor  screen, and give the eyes a rest before and after playing games in long time. 3. Nose Mostly, you didn’t care about the room atmosphere. Even your room was musty, you continue to play the game. In fact according to the health experts opinion, the good air circulation is very important. The existence of the window in your room will be very beneficial, so as stuffy air could be thrown away out. Clean your room from dust, tidied up all the available things. In this way, you will not easy to be affected by the illness, and to make the room atmosphere more fresh. 4. Ear You are usually happier to play games with using headset. Because in this way, the sound certainly canned be heard more rumbled, and will not disrupting and disturbed by the atmosphere around you. But remember, ears had the tolerance limitation towards the voice that entered. When using headset and the voice volume set in high, could make the eardrum problematic. That not to mention that inside a game, sometimes the voice distortion made as sound effect. This could cause damage to ears, also to the brain. Therefore, if using headset, it is good if the voice volume set in the moderate. I know it will decrease the enjoyment in playing game, but surely, it is safe. 5. Heart This will apply to them who were weak towards the surprise element, that normally displays in the horror themed games. Because too frightened, you could unconscious. So, for you who were timid, better avoid to playing game with horror theme. Play game that match with your condition. But if still feeling curious to play horror game, this is a little tips: turn off the dual shock effects from controller. Moreover, turn down the game volume to reduce creepy voices. Although it reduce the game’s exciting, but safe. II.The illness caused by game 6. Osteoporosis Too long playing games causing the body activity to decreased. This could cause the Osteoporosis, or bones brittle. This disease usual attack the old aged person because the bones is lack of calcium. But in this modern era, there was also the person who experienced Osteoporosis in the young age. Warned that the inexact eating pattern, and the lack of activity, becomes the main causes. So when playing games, make accustomed to move the body for some time. Apart from eliminating the fatigue, it can counted as light sport. Don’t forget to consuming milk with hight calcium, and consume nutritious food. 7. Hemorrhoid If too long sitting, and you lack drinking mineral water, you will involve a risk to get hemorrhoid. So before late, positioning your body in a comfortably when playing games. Prepare the soft sit base, don’t use hard sit base. And from time to time moved hip muscles to not stiff. Moreover drink many pure water while you play. 8. Obesity Eating indeed most exciting activity while we playing game. However if too many eat, and it is had becoming the habit, obesity is the risk. Let alone increased with the high carbonated drink (soft drink) that had the sugar level 7 fold more from normal sugar. To avoid it, avoid the drink that contained sugar and food with high MSG. To safer, don’t too much eating while playing games. But if being difficult to be avoid, better you substitute your food with fruits. III.Tips maintaining the health 9. Avoid eat while playing game. Like has been mentioned above, the eating habit while playing games could cause obesity. Because when playing, sometimes we did not realise the amount of food that we consumed. And avoid to the condition for the body that lack of activity. According to medical scientific, obesity could cause various disease that will be very damaging our body. Restrict too many junk food when playing games, or substitute with nutritious food like fruits. Increase also drink the mineral water. 10. Increase your body activity. Sport is the good activity after you play games for a long time. This could make the stiff muscle become normal again and make the body more fresh. And fat from consumed foods could be reduced. Or if you lazy to make activity outside because of rain for example, play healthy games. For example try Dance-Dance Revolution that using shape of carpet as controller. C.Conclusion And finally. Thank for you listen Do you have any questions?
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