Bài giảng Medical Assisting - Chapter 5: Using and Maintaining Office Equipment

Objectives 5-1 Describe the types of office equipment used in a medical practice. 5-2 Explain how each piece of office equipment is used. 5-3 List the steps in making purchasing decisions for office equipment. 5-4 Compare and contrast leasing and buying.

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PowerPoint® to accompany Second EditionRamutkowski • Booth • Pugh • Thompson • WhickerChapterCopyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for reproduction or display.Medical Assisting Chapter 51Using and Maintaining Office EquipmentObjectives5-1 Describe the types of office equipment used in a medical practice.5-2 Explain how each piece of office equipment is used.5-3 List the steps in making purchasing decisions for office equipment.5-4 Compare and contrast leasing and buying.2Objectives5-5 Describe a warranty, a maintenance contract, and a service contract, and discuss the importance of each.5-6 Identify when troubleshooting is appropriate, and what actions may be taken.5-7 List the information included in an equipment inventory.Using and Maintaining Office Equipment (cont.)3Office Communication EquipmentMedical EquipmentBlood Pressure MonitorsStethoscopesX-ray machineBusiness Communication EquipmentTelephonesFacsimile machinesComputersPhotocopiersTechnology today allows for almost instantaneous information to be transmitted throughout the world.4Telephone SystemsMultiple LinesAutomated MenuVoice MailAnswering MachineA switchboard is commonly used and calls are rerouted to the appropriate extension.A recorded menu that prompts listeners to press a number to be connected to a certain person/department.An advanced answering machine system.Recorded message from the office that may also allow the caller to leave a message.Answering ServicePeople actually answer the phones instead of answering machines.5PagersSmall electronic devices that pick up a signal and beep, buzz, or vibrate when activatedUsed to reach physicians when they are out of the officeMany can display a message and even store numbers, so a return call can be madeOnce connected to the pager, most require that the return number be entered followed by the pound sign (#)6Facsimile MachinesConverts impulses into exact duplicate of original documentTranslates image into electronic impulsesTransmits impulses via a phone lineScans each page7TypewritersUsed to create:CorrespondenceInteroffice documentsMedical forms from other offices/organizationsPatient Bills Electronic typewriters can store limited amounts of information. Word Processors can store entire documents in memory.8A personal emergency call has been received for the physician of a medical office, but the physician is not present. Which of the following mediums should the medical assistant use to contact the physician? Answering Service Answering Machine Voice Mail PagerApply Your Knowledge-Answer9Office Automation EquipmentEquipmentDescriptionPhotocopiersInstantly reproduces documents. Also called copy machines.Adding Machines &CalculatorsPerform routine office arithmetic calculations. Postage MetersApply postage to mailings & eliminates need for stampsPostage ScalesShows weight & cost to mail packages.10Dictation-Transcription EquipmentTranscribes the recorded words into a written documentPhysicians indicate date and type of document being dictatedNames, addresses, and unfamiliar terms are spelled by physician as he/she dictates informationSpeech is made clearer by:Volume controlsTone controlsSpeed controls that separate words 11Check WritersA machine that imprints checksName of payee and amount of check once imprinted cannot be changedIf incorrect information is entered, the check must be voided.Write the word “void” in clear letters across the check or use stamp with red inkVOID12Paper ShreddersMachines that destroy documents by cutting them into small pieces.Used to protect patient information when records or forms are disposed of. 13Microfilm and Microfiche ReadersMicrofilm is a roll of film imprinted with information and stored on a reel.Microfiche is film imprinted with information and stored on rectangular sheets.Information stored is reduced in size dramatically, and both require a different mechanism to read them.Accurate labeling and dating assists with locating both document formats.14The medical assistant is newly employed in a medical practice that has been in existence for over 35 years. A patient is seen in the office for the first time since an initial visit 20-years ago. Where should the medical assistant consider looking for the initial medical record? Apply Your KnowledgeSearch either the office microfilm or microfiche source.-Answer15Preparing RecommendationsContacting SuppliersPurchasing DecisionsEvaluating Office NeedsEvaluating Warranty Options16Leasing vs. Buying EquipmentBuying equipment affords owners to do whatever they choose, even sell the item(s) purchased.Leasing (renting) requires less out-of-pocket money, and rental cost may be negotiable.Equipment is usually serviced by the leasing company.At the end of each lease period equipment can be updated.17Apply Your KnowledgeA large medical practice requires several photocopy machines and faxes.Would they be better off leasing or buying their office automation equipment? Support your answer.Leasing would be the least expensive option since the leasing company would be responsible for servicing the equipment. Large offices could save a fortune and obtain up-to-date equipment with the leasing option.-Answer18Maintaining Office EquipmentThe manual that comes with each piece of equipment indicating operation and special features.Equipment ManualsMaintenance & Service ContractsMaintenance contracts specify when equipment will be cleaned & repaired. Service contracts cover services not included in standard maintenance contract. 19Maintaining Office Equipment (cont.)Troubleshooting StepsEliminate possible simple causesTest machine & record any error messagesConsult the equipment manualCall manufacturer or place purchased20Equipment InventoryA method of documenting and tracking equipment purchases.Detailed Inventory Forms may include:Name of EquipmentDescriptionModel & Registration NumbersDate & Place of PurchaseProduct Warranty & Estimated LifeMaintenance & Service Contracts21The medical office has just opened, and the medical assistant needs to make photocopies of two patient records, but the photocopy machine is not working. What should be done first by the medical assistant? Apply Your KnowledgeMake sure that the machine is plugged in and turned on in addition to other simple operation procedures like being sure the “power saver” is not activated.-Answer22End of ChapterEnd of Chapter23
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