Phân tích cấu trúc cảnh quan sinh thái góp phần định hướng sử dụng bền vững lãnh thổ lưu vực sông Thạch Hãn

During the recent years, researches on overall measures for a rational use of resources and environmental protection in river basins have become an urgent need to support production in practice. One of the researches which is addressed in this paper is the Analysis of partern structure of landscape ecology in river's basins. In theory, the analysis of structure, function and dynamics of landscapes is the most important aspect of landscape science, in order to identify process, level and trend of matter and energy exchange between landscape components (vertical structure), and landscape units (horrizontal structure). In practice, the above aspect has not been realised properly due to the lack of quantified monitoring equypments, settle and semi-settle (unstalbe) integrated research stations with associated quantitative methods. In order to gradually quantify in research, the Analysis of pattern structure of landscape ecology has a task to identify the law of terrestrial division in classification of landscape ecology units following hierarchical approach, in which the higher level covers the lower level (as tree branch form or hierarchical system) with clear, concrete and field-recognisable data set for each level. A river basin, definitively, is the area of a surface on which rainwater falls and runs to the river. The basins are separated by watersheds. Although the definition of basin is very simple, the physical division within each basin is very complicated, depending on geographical location, area, natural development history, resource exploitation process of the basin, .). The analysis of partern structure of landscape ecology in river basins is among the many integrated researches supporting the optimal use of natural resources to meet the need of present and futute generations. The Thach Han basin's case study in this article primarily presents the idea of authors.

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