Phát triển hợp sinh thái: Xu hướng thời đại và triển vọng của Việt Nam

Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi With two sustainable development agendas implemented (Agenda 21 and 2030), but up to now, the development of the world as well as countries has not been sustainable, especially in two pillars of society and ecology. A series of environmental, economic and social challenges for development are still there, even somewhat increasing, especially two nontraditional security issues: Climate change and biodiversity degradation that is threatening the existence of the Earth, of man. In that context, green development/ecofriendly development is a new trend chosen by many countries to maintain the harmony between man and nature. During the 30 years of doi moi, Vietnam has made many efforts to develop the country in a sustainable direction with the international community. Although the development has obtained many achievements, but is still not sustainable, there are still many difficulties and challenges that need to be overcomed in order to rise to regional and world level in building a sustainable ecological society.

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