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SUMMARY VIEWPOINT ANTHROPOGENIC APPROACH IN STUDY MODERN GEOGRAPHICAL LANDSCAPE Dr Nguyen Dang Hoi Vietnam-Russian Tropical Centre, Nation Defence Based on the analyse of viewpoint and approach to modern anthropogenic landscapes of other authors in combining with the author's results on anthropogenic landscapes in Vietnam with in ten years, the paper proposes a new view-point to study of geographical landscapes. Viewpoint Anthropogenic Approach is to put human beings and their activities as part of relative independence and play a decision role in creating and processing of anthropogenic landscapes. Viewpoint Anthropogenic Approach allows study of modern landscapes entirely rationally. This is a foundation to define correctly the location of human beings in nature and role of anthropogenic activities in formation and development of territorial units in the past, present and future. Viewpoint Anthropogenic Approach is considered as a key to make sure socioeconomical and environmental benefits in trend of sustainable development. It is a prerequisite to orient the behave of communities to nature in which human beings are sub ject to its impacts.

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