Bài giảng Clinical procedures - Chapter 23: Medical Assisting Externships and Preparing to Find a Position

Learning Outcomes 23.1 Perform professionally in all externship scenarios. 23.2 Discuss employment services and methods of obtaining a position. 23.3 Create a résumé.

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23Medical Assisting Externships and Preparing to Find a Position23-*Learning Outcomes23.1 Perform professionally in all externship scenarios.23.2 Discuss employment services and methods of obtaining a position.23.3 Create a résumé.23-*Learning Outcomes (cont.)23.4 Create a cover letter.23.5 Create a follow-up letter.23.6 Explain key factors for a successful interview.23-*Introduction Externship – an opportunity to explore the different responsibilities of a medical assistantYou will learn to write aRésuméCover letter Thank-you letterForm a strategic plan for securing a position23-*ExternshipsOpportunity to gain on-the-job experienceMinimum of 160 hoursMandatory requirementABHESCAAHEP23-*The Externship ProcessEducational institutions partner with medical facilitiesPracticum coordinatorArranges experiencesEnsures that the site will provide a thorough educational experienceRequirementsSigned affiliation agreement23-*The Externship Process (cont.)Screening by medical facilityInterviews studentsDrug screeningBackground checkTime sheets and progress reports Completed daily Student is monitored by practicum coordinator and the program director 23-*Expectations of Externship CandidatesProfessionalism Accept constructive criticism Be open to suggestions and ideasDo not question or argue with preceptors concerning how procedures are doneUse proper verbal skills and grammarTurn cell phones and pagers off during working hours23-*Expectations of Externship Candidates (cont.)AttendanceReport each day assigned to a scheduleBe dependable and punctualAdhere to policies regarding breaks23-*Expectations of Externship Candidates (cont.)Professional appearanceClean, pressed, and well-fitting uniformName tag or badgeNo artificial nails, visible tattoos, or facial piercingsHair off collarAvoid colognes, perfumes, and scented hair products23-*Expectations of Externship Candidates (cont.)As an extern you representThe school you attendThe profession of medical assistingYourself 23-* Expectations of Externship Candidates (cont.)Initiative and willingness to learnAccept all assignmentsAsk for additional work if time permitsLook for additional experiences23-*Apply Your KnowledgeWhat are the expectations of a candidate for an externship?ANSWER: Candidates are expected display professionalism in actions and appearance, to be dependable and punctual, and to exhibit initiative and a willingness to learn.Very Good!23-*Preparing to Find a PositionCareer services departmentJob placementCounselors RésuméInterviewing skillsPositions available23-*Seeking EmploymentTake advantage of resourcesClassified ads and employment WebsitesInternet Websites sitesEmployment servicesNetworking Explore possibilities23-*RésumésComponentsPersonal informationProfessional objectiveEmployment experienceEducational background23-*Résumés (cont.)ComponentsAwards and honorsCampus and community activitiesProfessional memberships and activitiesSummary of skills23-*Résumés (cont.)Choosing a résumé styleFunctional – highlights specialty areas of accomplishments and strengthsChronological – used by people with job experienceTargeted – focuses on a specific job targetWriting the résumé Direct, functional styleFocus on verbs that imply actionChoose words that display strengths and demonstrate initiative23-*Résumés (cont.)Writing tipsOrganize information on a worksheetList educational institutions with dates attended and degree or certificate attainedChoose format that best describes you23-*Résumés (cont.)TipsUse a computer and save workProofread for spelling and grammarUse high-quality paperBe truthful and honest23-*Résumés (cont.)Cover letterAn introduction to résumé Markets your résumé as well as your skills and abilitiesDirect and to the pointOne page in lengthAddress to specific person at organizationMake descriptions of your qualifications reflect the words used by the company’s advertisement23-*Sending a RésuméUse correct address, zip code, and name of facilityVerify the fax number before sendingE-mail Post your résumé and cover letter on a career job search site on the Internet 23-*Obtaining a ReferenceRecommendation for employment Always ask permission before listing someone as a referenceFaculty and externship facilityGenerally 3 to 5 Employment AcademicCharacter 23-*PortfoliosCollection of employment documentationRésumé Reference listAwardsTranscriptsDiploma/certificatesProfessional appearance23-*Apply Your KnowledgeWhat do you include on a functional resume?Name two things that you know about the cover letter.ANSWER: You should highlight specialty areas of your accomplishments and strengths.ANSWER: The cover letter: Markets your resume as well as your skills and abilities Direct and to the point One page in lengthCorrect!23-*Interview Planning and StrategiesPractice interviewingAnticipate questionsLearn about the companyDress appropriatelyBe poised and relaxed 23-*Interview Planning and Strategies (cont.)Maintain comfortable eye contactRelate your experience to the jobBe honestFocus on how you can benefit the companyBe punctual23-*Interview Planning and Strategies (cont.)Be honestExhibit appropriate behaviorComply with application processDo not contact the interviewer excessively 23-*Interview QuestionsAnticipate questions you may be askedInappropriate questionsAge RaceSexual orientationMarital statusNumber of children23-* Reasons for Not Being HiredPoor appearanceActing like a know-it-allPoor communicationLack of planningLack of confidence or poise23-*Reasons for Not Being Hired (cont.)No enthusiasm for the jobNot active in extracurricular school programs Being interested only in salary offerPoor school recordUnwilling to begin in entry-level position23-*Reasons for Not Being Hired (cont.)Making excuses for poor recordNo tactNo maturityNo curiosity about the jobBeing critical of past employers23-*Salary NegotiationsSalary ranges based onGeographic locationMedical specialtyExperienceCredentialingJob descriptionPrepare a budget to determine needed income Benchmark for negotiatingEmployer should bring up salary firstAsk about range for position23-*Apply Your KnowledgeDuring an interview, the interviewer asks you your age and if you are married and have children. How should you answer these questions?ANSWER: These are inappropriate questions. You should be polite and professional in declining to answer the questions. You may state that you do not believe the information is needed to evaluate your qualifications for the job.Correct!23-*On the Job Learn to be an effective employeeIdentify skills in your daily dutiesStay competitive and marketable through continuing educationIntegrate constructive criticism23-*On the Job (cont.)Job descriptionLists and describes expectations of position and duties to be performedProvides standard benchmarksEmployee evaluationsInitial review after probationary period and annuallyDescribes performanceEvaluates strengths and weaknesses23-*On the Job (cont.)Continuing educationSet educational advancement goals annuallyStay current Medical publicationsMedical assisting meetingsInternet Required to maintain certification23-*Apply Your KnowledgeWhat is the purpose of your job description?ANSWER: Your job description lists and describes the expectations for your position and the duties you are expected to perform. It is used as the standard by which you are evaluated.Outstanding!23-*In Summary23.1 Students’ weekly progress sheets should reveal new goals each week and progress on previous weeks’ goals. Their assessment and preceptor’s assessments should be similar and show professionalism, willingness to learn, and continual progress throughout the externship.23.2 Students should be able to list classified advertisements available in local papers, employment Websites, networking and employment agencies where employment assistance is available. 23-*In Summary (cont.)23.3 With assistance, students should turn in a workable, professional résumé which can be used to begin the employment search.23.4 Students should create a basic, professional cover letter which can be modified to fit the job description they are applying for.23-*In Summary (cont.)23.5 Students should create a basic follow-up letter that can be modified to send to each individual prospective employer after the interview is completed.23.6 Students should be able to list key factors such as portraying confidence, smiling, looking the interviewer in the eye, having questions ready for the interviewer about the position, and practicing answers to common interviewing questions. If possible, participation in a mock interview should be considered.23-*End of Chapter 23Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. ~ Aristotle
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