Bài giảng Medical Assisting - Chapter 54: Medical Assisting Externship and Preparing to Find a Position

Objectives 54-1 Perform professionally in all externship scenarios. 54-2 Utilize employment services and methods of obtaining a position. 54-3 Create a resume. 54-4 Create a cover letter. 54-5 Create a follow-up letter. 54-6 Interview successfully. 54-7 Become an effective employee.

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ChapterPowerPoint® to accompanyRamutkowski  Booth  Pugh  Thompson  WhickerCopyright © The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Permission required for reproduction or display.Medical Assisting Chapter 54 Second Edition1Objectives54-1 Perform professionally in all externship scenarios.54-2 Utilize employment services and methods of obtaining a position.54-3 Create a resume.54-4 Create a cover letter.54-5 Create a follow-up letter.54-6 Interview successfully.54-7 Become an effective employee.Medical Assisting Externship and Preparing to Find a Position 2Introduction ExternshipOpportunity to explore the different responsibilities that are required of a medical assistant.Complete a resume, cover letter, and a thank-you letter.Form a strategic plan on how to secure a position. Gain knowledge of your new career.3Externship Measured by hours attended usually 160 hours.Apply the knowledge and skills that you have learned.Mandatory requirement for (ABHES) and (CAAHEP)4The Externship ProcessClinical coordinatorArrange experiencesEnsure that the site will provide a thorough educational experience.Externships are unpaidRequirementsAffiliation agreement has to be signedAffiliation agreement states the expectations of the facility and the expectations of the student.5Screening by Externship SiteSite may: Interview the student prior to externshipAsk the student to provide a urine or hair sample for drug screening.Ask the student to consent to a criminal background check.Fill out application and new employee orientation if signing an agreement to work after externship.6ProfessionalismConduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.Accept constructive criticism.Students are not expected to know everything.It is not professional to question or argue with clinical preceptor.Expected to be professional with patients at all times.7Professionalism (cont.)Professional appearanceClean, pressed, and well fittingShoes clean and whiteName tag or badgeInitiative and willingness to learnAccept all assignmentsAsk for additional work if you are idleLook for tasks to do 8AttendanceEvery day attendance is required.Have alternatives for babysitting and transportation.Medical facilities will not tolerate absenteeism or tardiness from an externship student, and you may be asked to be removed.9TimesheetsComplete daily and fax to educational facility at the end of every week.Clinical preceptor and student both sign.Student is monitored by clinical coordinator and the program director. 10Preparing to Find Position Career Services at your schoolHelp with resume developmentShow you how to interviewAssist with getting positions in your field Employers will contact Career Services to recruit medical personnel.11Seeking EmploymentInvolves:Taking advantage of number of resourcesUseClassified adsInternet sitesEmployment services Networking with classmates and othersPositions you are qualified for:Unit secretaryPhlebotomistPatient care associateEntry-level medical codingClinical and administrative position12Creating a ResumeComponents of a ResumePersonal informationProfessional objectiveEmployment experiencesEducational backgroundAwards and honorsCampus and community activitiesProfessional membershipsSummary of skills13Choosing a Resume StyleFunctional Highlights specialty areas of your accomplishments and strengthsChronological Used by individuals who have job experiencesTargeted Best focused on a specific job targetList your skills, achievements, and honors14Resume Writing TipsOrganizing your information using a worksheetList your educational institutions with degrees and years of attendanceChoose a resume format that best describes youUse a computer and save it to diskProofread for spelling and grammar. Don’t depend on spell-check softwareUse clear and concise statements and sentencesBe truthful and honest about your strengths and abilities15Writing Cover LetterAn introduction to your resumeMarkets your resume as well as your skills and abilitiesDirect and to the pointOne page in lengthAddress to specific person at organizationMake descriptions of your qualifications reflect the words used by the company’s advertisement16Sending a ResumeHave correct address, zip code, and name of facilityIf you fax, verify the fax number before sendingE-mail Post your resume and cover letter on the Internet by using a career job search internet site17InterviewingPrepare by practicing how you are going to handle the interviewDecide on what you will wearBe punctualUse appropriate interview behaviorLearn about the companyRelate your experiences to the job18Interviewing (cont.)Be honestFocus on how you can benefit the companyBe poised and relaxedMaintain comfortable eye contactAnticipate question typesClose the interview on a positive noteFollow – up letter19Apply Your KnowledgeHow would you answer this question?What do you consider to be yourgreatest strengths and weaknesses? 20Apply Your Knowledge -Answer Responses will be individualized according to each of your strengths and weaknesses.How would you answer this question?What do you consider to be yourgreatest strengths and weaknesses? 21Inappropriate Interview QuestionsYou are not obligated to answer the following:How old are you?Are you married?How many children do you have?Be polite but decline to answer a question if you feel it is inappropriate. 22Reasons for Not Being HiredPoor appearanceActing like a know-it-allNot communicating clearlyLack of planning for interviewNo tactNo maturityBeing critical of past employers23Salary NegotiationsSalaries are varied and differ by geographic area.Determined by LocationMedical specialtyYears of experienceCredentialingJob description 24On the JobLearn to be an effective employee.Identify skills in your daily duties, stay competitive and marketable through continuing education.Integrate constructive criticism25Employee EvaluationsInitial review generally occurs after probationary period of 90 days.Evaluation describes employee’s performance.Evaluation form outlines most important qualities and abilities needed for the job. Helps determine whether an employee is worthy of a merit raise.26Continuing EducationSet specific educational advancement goals yearly.You must stay abreast of updates in medicine.27Summary Medical AssistantResume, interview, application process, and professionalismContinuing education and credentialing will enhance career Career begins with externship and continues for duration of your career. Being a medical assistant allows you to take your own direction in your career and enables you to make career changes.28Apply Your KnowledgeWhat do you include on a Functional resume?Name three things that you know about the cover letter. 29Apply Your Knowledge -AnswerHighlights specialty areas of your accomplishments and strengthsMarkets your resume as well as your skills and abilitiesDirect and to the pointOne page in lengthWhat do you include on a Functional resume?Name three things that you know about the cover letter. 30End of Chapter End of Chapter31